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13 May 2021 - GrowRuck Edition

In recent weeks, F3 Alamo (San Antonio, TX), F3 Grand Strand (Myrtle Beach, SC), and F3 Suncoast (Sarasota, FL) have hosted GrowRuck events. But what is GrowRuck and why should you consider participating? In this edition, we will hear from men who have experienced a GrowRuck weekend and provide insight as to why many have considered this a must-do game changer for them as leaders of their families and communities.

To learn more about GrowRuck and upcoming events, visit www.GrowRuck.com.


What is a GrowRuck Training Event?

GrowRuck is an intentional leadership development event that takes place over a weekend. Learn the principles – Get Right, Live Right, Lead Right, Leave Right (G3L) – from F3 Nation HIM, and apply them during times of high stress and limited visibility (and weight!). The weekend includes:

  • Friday night 2ndF Event
  • Saturday AM 1 hour workout + 2 Hour GrowSchool
  • Saturday PM Rucking CSAUP event (12-14 hours)
  • Sunday AM – EndEx by 0900

Over the last several years, almost 600 men have completed GTEs in 12 states, with more to come in 2021 and beyond.

These events prove we are stronger together and in order to be ready for the future hard thing, we must do the hard thing now!


GrowRuck Alamo


GrowRuck Grand Strand

GrowRuck 22 in F3 Grand Strand was a very successful event. The addition of sand and surf added to the suck. F3 Chattanooga's Clothespin shared these thoughts after a long night of shared suffering.

"This weekend showed me how powerful F3 really is. I was scared to death to come do this event. All I could think about was all my failures and shortcomings. That Jester was working on me. All I could hear was “you’re not good enough.” I didn’t have a good support system growing up and had no idea how to ask for help. I still have trouble asking for help I have always had to do things on my own. I felt horrible for guys having to carry my pack. I knew everyone was suffering. I just knew I was going to be “that guy” the one that doesn’t carry his weight.

Each one of you guys took that on - you shared the burden. Each and everyone of you were HIMs. I remember apologizing to someone because I felt like I was letting the group down. That Jester was telling me that everyone was going to be mad for carrying my pack. I didn’t hear a single negative word from anyone, only encouragement to press on!

It all culminated when we were sitting on that field waiting on the other teams. All of the feelings of I don’t belong and I am a failure went away! It all came out in a mix of emotions! Thanks for being the men I needed!"


What happens when the President of F3 Nation (Dark Helmet) went from PAX to Cadre In Training? Find out what it was like to change roles in GTE 22 - Grand Strand. For his extended thoughts on the switch, click the "Read More" button below.

"So, am I Cadre material? I dunno. Maybe with a bit more training. Would I do it again? Hell yeah. Why? Because as an F3 man, we walk into fire. We run toward the sounds of trouble. We seek to have more responsibility and to find ways to lead with virtue and to make more impact. I couldn’t run the training because I can’t operate as a Goo “leader” would. And I can’t shy away from the chance to help change the lives of more men for the better for the same reason. I am not of that world. Neither are you."


Upcoming GrowRuck Events

GrowRuck 24 Charlotte 

6 August 2021

Mark it down and get your mind right. This is something you need to do. GrowRuck 24 will be happening in Charlotte, NC the weekend of August 6, 2021. PAX from regions throughout the Carolinas (and beyond) are encouraged to toe the line and grow stronger with the Pax of Metro. Since this is the birthplace of F3, we expect a big turnout. Come see what the the Queen City has to offer August 6.


City Slicker of F3 Greensboro delivers the sunrise service at GrowRuck Grand Strand about how the men wrestled their jesters through the night and persevered to completion.


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  • 43 Feet Podcast - Jekyll, Esso, and Pusher talk Shieldlock
  • The RoundTable Podcast - Mr. Clean talks 2021 Fallen 5

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